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Theological Studies: Biblical Languages Major

Christ College

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Scripture

Study the Scriptures with a group of committed scholars in both English and the original Greek and Hebrew languages. As a biblical languages major at Concordia, you will learn how to handle the Scriptures with reverence, to interpret them in light of their historical context, and to apply them to our contemporary world. With a focus on preparation for ministry, this major equips you to share your knowledge of the Christian faith in professional church vocations or through your work and service in your community.

As a student in Christ College, you will learn how to understand, communicate, teach, defend, and believe the Christian faith through systematic inquiry of the Bible, the doctrines of the church, and other statements of faith.

As a biblical languages major at Concordia, you will find that our faculty members are scholars and theologians who are actively involved in ministry today. They are also published authors, contributing to world-wide biblical scholarship and serving broad Christian audiences in Bible study and devotion.

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